Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Newest Judd

No, I'm not pregnant(yet). But we do have a very cute and sweet new member in our family. Meet Hazel!

Marley has wanted a bunny for a very long time now. She even put together a lovely power point presentation on why bunnies make excellent pets. Hazel has been with us for two weeks now and Marley has been in heaven! I have to admit she is ADORABLE. Joan-Claire almost starts hyperventilating with excitement every time she sees her. She makes the cutest little crunching sounds when she eats lettuce and carrots. And when she's happy... oh my, you've never seen anything cuter than when she hops and runs like a crazy bunny all over the house.

Virginia Is For Lovers.....And The Judds!

I've been thinking I should do a better job of updating the blog and what better way than to announce that WE ARE MOVING TO VIRGINIA! It's certainly not the place we expected to go and yes, we still feel that Utah is our ultimate destination. But how fun to take a little detour all the way across the country! We are so excited to be in a place with broad-leaf trees(rather than pine and fir trees) and don't even get me started with all the amazing history and museums we'll be able to see. My most FAVORITE historical figures are Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. And now I get to go see where they called home!
There is a lot of stress ahead. A lot of plans to make and details to work out. But I just feel so at peace. God has been in control and He always provides and takes care of us. I'm excited to see what happens next!
We will miss so many people on this side of the country. I hope everyone will come to visit! We'll take you to Washinton  DC and the Smithsonian. Did you know it's free! I didn't. How cool is that?