Monday, April 26, 2010

We want a pitcher-not a belly itcher!

OK, so Townsend isn't really a belly-itcher, at least when it comes to baseball. He and his dad have been working and practicing and working some more on his pitching. The coach was so impressed with his form that he got to pitch the season opener. He did quite well, even striking a few guys out.
Baseball has never been my favorite sport to watch, but there's something about this particular cute boy in uniform that manages to hold my interest. I'm so proud of my Townsie. He rocks!
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the Buff(Orpington)

My dream of raising chickens has become a reality! Although not at the most ideal time, as we are moving in two weeks and right now the chickens reside on my back porch. My sweet friend Ida ordered 25 layers from the awesome McMurray hatchery and we split them. I ended up with 10 hens and 2 roosters. I'm not even positive what breed they are, but I think they are Buff Orpintons which is quite a lovely name, don't you think? Not sure what I'll do with the roosters, but I have become rather attached one rooster in particular. He has such an attitude and I love him. In case you didn't know chickens grow quite quickly. They are only seven weeks old and starting to get their combs and feather out nicely. They aren't so very cute at this stage in the game, I lovingly refer to them as my akward teenage chickens right now.

Ephraim and Marley seem to be most excited about them. We took them all outside today as it is sunny and beautiful. They were all so awesome scratching and pecking and eating bugs. Ephraim likes to show who's boss. He's quite adept and picking them up gently, although it did take a number of lessons to get the "gentle" part down.

Here's my rooster! Can't you just see the attitude oozing out of him?
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

9 Days-7 Books

Here's my almost ten year old guy. Townsend has many talents. Baseball, basketball, swimming, piano playing, giving beautiful prayers, reading, tormenting his siblings, and debating the pants off of anyone who dares try, just to name of few. But the one we're talking about today is reading. I've had to threaten to take away his books a number of times this week. It seems almost wrong as I catch myself saying it. I mean doesn't every mother want their son to spend his spare time reading? But really the kid is obsessed. I actually caught him hiding in a closet with his book so I couldn't pester him with requests to do his chores. Oh, how I love my Townsend!
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