Saturday, October 31, 2009


Here is a little treasure from 1953. My wonderful friend Marianne let look through her collection of vintage patterns. This beauty was just meant to be. The measurements fit Marley perfectly right now. (Marley was quite concerned that I wouldn't finish before she grew) We had just enough of this fabric in my fabric stash. And it goes perfectly with the coat I made her last winter.

I love all things vintage. How wonderful that my powers of persuasion are rubbing off on my girl. She too loves all things old fashioned. A girl after my own heart. Aislyn still just loves all things pink. I'm working on her though.

Look at this beauty! I can't believe she will be twelve in just a few months. She is a girl of many talents and a kind heart. I can't imagine life without her and all she does. If you haven't already, you should check out her blog. It often makes me giggle and is very sweet. It's on my list of blogs- upside down and right side up.
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Friday, October 30, 2009

I finally broke down

Yes, I finally broke down and turned on the furnace yesterday. Most people think I'm crazy to have waited so long. I probably am. But really, who wants to pay that extra bill through the winter months? Anyway, in preparation for a nice toasty warm house I replaced the furnace filters and decided to vacuum out the vents downstairs. Who knew I would be in for such a surprise.
Let me list the treasures I found in just one vent:
-A rock measuring about 4 inches in diameter.
-5-6 smaller rocks.
-2 jolly ranchers.
-A plastic muscle man action figure.
-3 pens.
-2 pencils.
-A rubber band.
-And a very stale dinner roll.

Apparently this has been someone's special summer time hiding spot although no one has any idea who would do such a thing:)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Been Awhile

What has happened the past few weeks? Well, not picture taking that's for sure. So here's a list.

-Jairus celebrated his fourth birthday with cookies and a Hot Wheels car ramp complete with a skull that you drive your cars into. Strange that my sensitive, tender boy is all about skeletons right now, or "skimitoos" as he pronounces it.
-Thomas and I got to go to the temple with his cousin Holly and her husband Joe for their first time. Very sweet experience.
-Our computer crashed, then miraculously started again, then died again, and is now hopefully really and truly fixed, thanks to John. What a roller coaster.
-I started a hornet's nest so to speak of political debate, kind of a weird position for me to be in.
-Ephraim wrote on the wall with red pencil and then cracked the plaster and started picking at it and now we have a three inch hole in our hallway. Awesome.
-We set up the crib for the baby, always fun for me. I can't wait for her to get here. Only ten more weeks to go.
-Marley turned into a teenager overnight and is now very concerned about privacy and all the injustices of having brothers and sisters.
-Townsend went to Grandma Carroll's house for a week and had a lovely time. We're glad to have him back though.

Up next....Halloween which I have not prepared for at all and then Aislyn's sixth birthday party which she has been inviting people to for the last six months.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Ephraim!

Our little guy is now a big two years old. A little something about Ephraim. He likes to eat. He holds the family record for eating pancakes. Seven! He prefers to communicate by answering all questions with a nod or shake of his head. He's very tough and has no trouble holding his own with all these big kids around him. He loves to hug his brother Jairus and play horsey with his sister Marley. He is an escape artist and has given his mother a near heart attack a few times now. Most of all he is the most lovable two year old I know.

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