Friday, May 29, 2009


So yesterday when we realized the thief had my phone Thomas decided to send them a funny little text saying"Hey, would you mind returning my ID when you're done with it?" Turns out the thief had a little heart. After he/she was done trying to spend some money all over town they drove back to our neighborhood and threw the wallet(ID crumpled but inside) on the sidewalk about a block from our house. Some kids found it and returned it that afternoon. Thanks be to a criminal who isn't completely evil!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Break In?

Indeed. The day started at 4:50am with a huge dose of adrenaline. I was laying in bed dosing in and out of consciousness, feeling kindof nauseous, and wishing that the sun weren't shining in my bedroom window...just yet. I heard footsteps just outside by bedroom door at the top of the stairs. This in and of itself isn't unusual, Aislyn comes in to sleep the last couple of hours with me quite often. So I said,"Hello". And then a set of foot steps took off running down the stairs. Thomas then rolled over and said,"That was weird." And then fell right back to sleep. I still wasn't scared. I hoped maybe Felicity had gotten up extra early for seminary or something. So I go downstairs and look around. I start to feel "that feeling" when I got to the back pantry and find the door left open. So brave girl that I am I book as fast as I can go back up the stairs and tell Thomas to go check it out further. They got our laptop, my cell phone, and Thomas' wallet. The police came and dusted for fingerprints. But of course there is really not much chance of catching this brazen, bold, and horrible person.

It's so cliche but I really do feel so violated. The worst part is that whoever it was was upstairs just feet away from where my children were sleeping. So creepy! It was light outside and they were so brave as to venture upstairs, not satisfied with what they found downstairs. My only consolation is that they must have been sorely disappointed with what they got. The computer they took was missing the shift key since Ephraim thinks it fun to pop the keys off. They tried getting cash from our accounts but luckily we're so broke right now nothing worked out for them. The computer did have all my pictures from the last six months or so which is very sad to me. And just yesterday I thought to myself that I needed to back them up on disk. You should always listen to that voice in the back of your mind.

It's been a day to remember. Some good news though, Thomas got a promotion at work today and will never again have to wear the TSA uniform, which makes him very happy. We are extremely blessed though. How thankful I am that we were all safe and protected and no real harm came from it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Calvin Heath Simmons

Just after 9:00 am on Tuesday morning Calvin Heath Simmons was born. It was the most amazing experience! Sarah was able to have a water birth at home. It was peaceful and calm and beautiful. I had never experienced a birth from an outside perspective before. I am thankful Sarah asked me to be there. I worried that I wouldn't know what to do to comfort her or that I might irritate her. But it just kind of all came naturally. It was just such an amazing,beautiful day. Sarah was awesome. Everything went quickly and smoothly. The baby is perfect and healthy. I just love the difference being at home made. I have always hated the hospital. But I didn't realize there were any other options. They never leave you alone, never let you get any sleep, make you worry about everything. It is all so clinical, cold, and emotionless. I am so excited to do my next birth at home. Dawn Wadleigh is her midwife and now mine. She was so perfect. She is extremely knowledgeable, calming, and nurturing. Sarah and baby are doing great. My kids are happy because the Simmons boys are getting to spend a lot of time over at our house. I love new babies!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

My Birthday!

OK, so usually on my birthday I tend to get a little grumpy. Today was different. Today was perfect. Sure, I'm another year older. I'm getting little wrinkles all around my eyes, and my stomach will never be as flat as it once was. But today I was showered with love and affection. And I see what a blessed life I have been given.
It started with my beautiful Marley Mae giving me a menu with my options for breakfast, which she then lovingly prepared. I had delicious scrambled eggs and orange juice. She then told me I should get dressed because my surprise was coming over. She had secretly called my best friend since I was seventeen, Jessica to come over. Jessica and Molly(her daughter, who is also Jairus' future wife) brought me lilacs, a pine cone, a princess crown, and took me out to hot chocolate at Starbucks. When I got back my sweet husband went running with me. That is one of my favorite things. Then my wonderful mother drove all the way down from Goldbar with my grandma and brought me lunch. Then my beautiful friend Sarah brought a huge basket of fresh fruit and some chicken salad(because she knew I was craving them). Then my lovely friends Trissa and Tallie called and sang me happy birthday. All three of my sisters called. And then just when I thought nothing else cool could happen my friend Bonnie dropped by with cupcakes and a beautiful boquet of flowers. I have never felt so dang popular in all my life!
To top it all off, the week of depressing, cold, drizzly, rain ended and the sun was warm and bright all day long.

I am so grateful for all that I have been given. I do not need anything more than the love of such wonderful people.
Thank you everyone!
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers I Love

This is my mamma and I when I was I think nine months old. Oh, how I love my mother. I have learned many things from this sweet lady throughout my life. She instilled in me the value of had work. She taught me how to sew. When I was struggling to learn how to read she made flash cards and spent hours working with me until I was one of the best readers in my class. She has shown me how to follow my interests. More important than these, my mother is totally and completely selfless. I know of no one who sacrifices more of themselves for others. I only pray that I may one day love and serve others the way she always has. She has shown me that gospel of Jesus Christ is worth sacrificing everything for. She loves people unconditionally and sees the good in everyone. Really, she is the most Christ like person I know. I am so blessed to call her mother.

This is my grandma and grandpa O'Neil. My grandma has always been very special to me. She taught me to always park as far away from wherever you're going because,"If you walk now, you'll be walking when you're ninety." She is now ninety two and is indeed still walking. She is fun and adventurous. She and my grandpa packed up their young family got on a boat and moved to Australia when my mom was eight. My grandma traveled all over the country in her brown and white pick up truck. Twice I got to spend the summer with her just driving and seeing cool places. She showed me the ocean for the first time. She taught me to value knowledge and literally knows at least a little bit about everything. I love my grandma.

This is Bethalmae my mother-in-law when she was a little girl. She is a wonderfully sweet woman who loves everyone. I have also learned much from her. I am amazed at her ability to forgive. Her home was always open to anyone and she treats everyone like family. Everywhere she goes she is showered with hugs from all the people she has shown love to through the years. She is also a wonderful grandma. She is thoughtful and kind and always concerned for others feelings. I am so thankful to be a part of such a loving family.
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Friday, May 8, 2009

The Husband

I've been looking through all the old pictures lately. Time truly does fly by. I've realized that we already have a "history" together as a family. I still feel like I'm twenty. But seeing picture proof that my kids are growing up makes me see just how far we've come. I thought it might be fun to show some oldies. So I'm starting with Thomas. He is the oldest you know. (Just turned thirty-seven!)

He must be about ten here. He was so freakin' cute. Townsend said his hair looks like a girls'. But I love it.
Mission pic. The back of the photo said, "In front of the temple. Didn't bother to change my socks. Big deal!" What a goof ball.
Here we are in Los Cabos Mexico. This is where we were stuck for over two weeks when 9/11 happened. No flights home. It wasn't too bad a place to be stuck but we really missed Marley and Townsend.
Thomas with one of our very favorite people in the world. Trissa Mae. We were in Alaska, hence the pink scarf. I need to find the shot where he has it wrapped around his head like a turban. It's classic.

I love this guy! He makes life interesting and fun. I love his sparkly mischievous eyes. I love how he likes to make me mad just to see the fire in my eyes. How I still fall for it after all these years I don't know. I love how he loves our kids. I love how he tries to do what is right. I love that he is sensitive. I love how he loves me.
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Number Six.....

....officially on the way!(The pink line is faint but definitely there)
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