Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Handsome the Spider

Anyone who knows me at all will be EXTREMELY surprised to see photos of spiders on my blog. You see spiders are the single most frightening, disgusting thing on the planet(in my humble opinion). However over the last couple of weeks my kids have grown rather attached to one particular spider. He took up residence outside the window on our staircase about two weeks ago. The fact that he chose to keep double paned glass between he and I is the reason he is still alive. A very wise spider indeed.

We've been able to witness nature at it's finest. We've seen artful web building. We've been awed by the capture of japanese beetles, watching them become wrapped in a cocoon of death and then having their guts sucked out.
Just a few days ago Aislyn asked me what his name was. I said he didn't have one and that she could name him. She said," I think his name is Handsome because he is a such a nice spider." So Handsome it is. Not a word I've ever associated with a spider, but I'm growing.

So today this punk kid spider comes and tries to kick Handsome out of his prime real estate. We were all huddled on the stairs for almost 45 minutes watching the drama unfold as this little spider keeps trying to attack our guy. He kept biting Handsome and hitting him with his icky spider legs. It was crazy. Marley and Townsend went outside and tried to throw rocks at the attacker but to no avail. I think she was almost crying......over a spider!
Finally "Killer"(as we called him) gave up and left. We were scared that Handsome was done for, he was all curled up like a dead spider does. But much to my children's joy Handsome is now spread out in his web eating some dinner.
Just looking at these pictures still make me a little nauseus.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Popsicles and Cupcakes

Jairus James turned a whopping three years old while we were gone. As requested he got popsicles and cupcakes and a big number three candle to go on top.What would we do without Jairus? He is my snuggly, lovey little guy. So very tender and easily heartbroken. There's nothing better than his little voice saying,"I wuv you mom". Just recently he become an amazing prayer. He would literally pray for ten minutes if you let him. He'll go through an entire days' worth of events, thanking heavenly Father for everything imaginable and then proceed to ask for a few necessities like keeping the monkeys away so they won't bite him while he's sleeping. I don't know where it came from but he has an crippling fear of monkeys. Slightly unusual, kindof amusing, and very serious stuff for a three year old.

Jairus is my wonderful big boy. I am so grateful for each one of my children and all their unique traits. They make life interesting, entertaining, and never, ever dull.


On Tuesday we all took the four hour ferry ride all the way to the end of Lake Chelan. A little town unreachable by any roads lies nestled in the trees. It was so very beautiful and made me want to be more appreciative of the beauty all around me.

Ephraim loved being on the top deck and looking over the edge at the water. I swear he learned to do a chin up trying to get a better view. He would have jumped right in if I had let him. I know it might be a smidge gross letting my little guy suck on a railing. But it was just so cute and I just tell myself he is merely developing a strong immune system.
Marley Mae....I caught her staring gloomily into the distance. Oh my sweet preteen girl. She is growing up. She is wonderful.
The end of the lake! I LOVED Lake Chelan. Normally I am terrified of deep water. My heart pounds and I sweat whenever I have to cross the Narrows Bridge. But this lake is clear and beautiful. I fell in love with it all. Oh the heavenly apple orchards with their cheerful red fruit hanging bountifully. I really want fruit trees. You don't even know how I longed to become an orchardist. OK so I'm a little weird. But really I kindof want to move to the country and have fruit trees, a garden, chickens, and bees.
Aislyn my girl loves to fall asleep in the most unlikely of places. I wonder what she thinks to herself."This hard table top looks oh so comfortable, I think I'll lie down and rest awhile."
At any given time Townsend could be found playing a game of UNO or Phase Ten. I only like to play games when I win. I hate loosing but I'm a pretty loud winner. Probably not attractive qualities. It might be why I don't get asked to play games very often.
Vacation was wonderful.
More to tell.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lake Chelan-Day 1

Last Thursday we got all packed up in the Pilot and drove to Goldbar to pick up grandma, grandpa, and gg(great grandma). It was finally time for our long awaited Lake Chelan vacation!

Day one we got unpacked and spent time dogpiling grandpa. We caught Ephraim gazing longingly out the window at the lake.
Jairus spent his time wrestling GG. He made sure she needed a nap every day.
And then it was on to the lake. Never mind that it is October, Marley got right into her suit and ventured momentarily into the lake. Grandma had promised she would go in no matter how cold it was. I, however am not so daring. No freezing lake swimming for me.
Aislyn's favorite part is the TV since at home ours isn't hooked up. She's a movieaholic.

Vacation is the best! We should do this more often.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Yum, cake, it looks delicious!" I just can't seem to avert my gaze.
"But I'm really not sure I actually want to touch the thing myself. How would you feel about just holding it for me while I test it out?"
He finally gave in and decided it was best to hold his own cupcake.

For some reason I decided that I didn't want to use a crappy boxed cake mix and I made the whole thing(including frosting) from scratch. Turns out it's a huge, long process to make a white cake from scratch. I had to beat egg whites to make meringue and then gently fold them into the rest of the batter. I don't think I have accurately grasped the concept of "gently folding" but they still tasted pretty good. I made yummy orange flavored frosting. Marley and I thought it was delicious but Thomas, not so much.
Jairus' birthday is this Friday. I think this time I'll just use the crappy mix.

I keep asking him what he wants for his birthday and every time he says,"I want cake and orange popcycles." Not too hard to please.