Thursday, August 21, 2008

Canning Season Is Upon Us!

Last night Sarah and I were so fortunate as to acquire 280 canning jars from the sweetest old woman named Opal. Her son had listed them on craigslist for her. She was just one of those people that somehow you'll never forget. Her face was worn and weathered from years of hard work. Her hands....her hands even more so, but they were some of the most beautiful hands I've ever seen. They were hands spent working and serving, ever industrious. She had apple trees, raspberry bushes, a grape arbor and blueberry bushes all of which were meticulously cared for. We talked with her for probably an hour. What a wonderful woman!

I am so excited to have so many used jars. That will save a ton. Sarah and I are feeling ambitious this year. We've got some major canning plans ahead. We'd each like to do 100 quarts of tomatoes, 50 each of green beans, 30 each of peaches and pears. It's hard work but so very worth it to me. I love the feeling of accomplishment. I love how delicious home canned food tastes. I love having a skill that is useful. I love knowing exactly what I'm eating. I guess I should stop rambling, lest people catch on to what a weirdo I really am.

Tuesday I finished up 35 pints of raspberry jam. So yummy! Aislyn thinks so too. I caught her several times eating spoon fulls of jam. So much for limiting her sugar intake.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Marley's New Haircut

Here's my beautiful girl! We got a gift certificate for a free haircut at the UP Festival a couple weeks ago and Marley decided that she wanted new look. I think she is such a cool girl. She made the appointment herself, went right in and told the lady what she wanted, chatted her up the whole time, and gave her the tip all on her own. My girl is growing up!

Marley has also started her very own blog. You should check it out at I know you will find it well worth the visit.

It's hard to believe my little girl is ten. It is a joy to watch my children learn and grow. I am often amazed at all they are capable of. I am proud to be the mother of each one. They have taught me so much about the purpose of life and what makes us truly happy. Mothering is ever a struggle and endless hard work but there is no doubt that it is the most rewarding of all endeavors.
Thank you Marley Mae for being the sweet, hard working girl you are. I love how gentle, kind, and patient you are. I am thankful for how very much you help me every day and your genuine concern for my happiness. I love you. You're awesome!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Nate & Krista

My little brother got married today! The location couldn't have been more beautiful. Krista's grandma has a wonderful backyard over looking the Skykomish river and the mountains high overhead. It was a sweet day. We are all so happy to have Krista be an official member of the family. She is very loved.

Here's my mama and her boy. I just loved this picture. It's her "I'm so proud I could cry"expression. The other picture is of Nate and Krista's daughter Katlyn. She has the most beautiful, thick, long, and wavy hair for a two year old. She is a fireball and we love her!