Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Honor Of Grandma GG

My grandma Mary Dorothy Elizabeth Sutton O'Neil passed away on June 7th 2012.
We had a family memorial service for her on the top of mountain. On Chinook Pass to be precise. It was a beautiful, perfect day. Everyone there had the opportunity to share their feelings or and experience with grandma. As everyone spoke I was just so overwhelmed. Every single person told of how she made them feel special, loved, not judged, and very important to her. What an amazing make that many people know that they as individuals were important to her. I hope and pray that when my life is said and done all my loved ones will know without a doubt that I loved them unconditionally and they were so very important to me. I wrote a little about her here. She always had time for me. She called me her Bronny-Winnie. She always hugged me tightly and told me,"I'm so glad to see you!" She was fun and adventurous and independent. I can't wait to see her again!
After the memorial we went camping. It was beautiful and fun. Here's uncle Justin and Townsend eating a most delicious tin foil dinner.

 My mom is already just as an amazing grandmother as her mother was. My kids love and adore her. She is fun, loving, and will do anything and everything she can for them. Here she is exchanging smiles with Joan-Claire.
Thomas by the river.
Here's aunt Melanie loving her Naomi and sleepy Joan-Claire.
Jairus, Ephraim, and best bud/cousin Adam.
Aislyn on the mountain top.Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 2, 2012

Utah Vacation 2012/We Really Want To Live Here!

Every summer for many years now, we pack everyone up in the car and drive for a million hours to the magical land of Utah. Now, I must admit I haven't always been able to see it's magic. Thomas and I lived there for a year while he was going to BYU and for one reason or another it was one of my least favorite years of my life. But now....well for one thing they have there in Utah a little something called "the sun". Yes, that beautiful, golden little piece of heaven that has not shown his face up here in Washington for what seems to be a decade, at least!

 But even better than the sun, Utah is where a good many of my most favorite people in the world live. All of Thomas' family have migrated south and now even my sister has moved on down. We're doing everything in our power to make the jump as well. But as with all things in life, it is ultimately in the Lord's hands.
 So, what did we do while on our sojourn in the land of warmth and sun?
We played so hard that we fell asleep.

 We turned twelve and received the Aaronic priesthood with all our uncles, cousins, and a grandpa.
We got blessed!
 We snuggled with sweet cousins.
 We went swimming!
We went to the Hogle Zoo with friends we love sooooo much.
 We saw cousins that we've missed.

And we even got to just sit, relax, and read a book by the river.

My Man

 How I love this man! I am thankful every day for his love, kindness, and understanding. Also, life is never dull with Thomas Judd around. He makes me laugh- he makes me happy. He supports me in all of my crazy ideas and interests. He always takes the time to talk, to make sure we're understanding each other, to make sure I'm happy. He makes me feel strong and capable of anything. He loves his children so very much and is so happy in this crazy chaotic world of children. We have built this life, this world together. It's so amazing to see what we are capable of, together. My heart is just full and ready to burst!