Friday, July 24, 2009

Aislyn's New Do

Really it's been a long time coming. Aislyn was lucky(or not so lucky) enough to inherent her hair from me. Granted hers is generally curlier than mine and has those beautiful natural highlights. The problem with super thick and curly hair is that it tangles in an instant. This propensity for messy hair combined with Aislyn's natural fiery dispostion makes for a fun time when brushing, washing, what have you. I'm crossing my fingers that shorter hair will equal shorter temper tantrums. We shall see.
She was especially excited about the "heart braid". I'm not so sure it's worth the extra four bucks they stick to the price tag, but she LOVES it.

Pretty Aislyn.
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Hike That Was Not

On Saturday I drove up to Goldbar again for a couple of reasons. I had to retrieve Marley and Aislyn from their getaway at grandma's and we all wanted to hike to Wallace Falls. Turns out if you want to hike on a beautiful sunny Saturday you'd better get there early. And as some of you may know getting up early is not exactly my forte'. There was absolutely no where to park within a mile to the trail entrance. Plan B.....find yet another cute little mountain stream and get wet.

It is now apparent that I am indeed pregnant. Four months. Just one more to go and we'll know if I get to start smocking sweet little girl dresses. Can you tell that I just might be hoping for a girl? I do adore little boys though too.
Jairus inside a tree. He thought that was pretty great.
Pretty browned-eyed Marley. I might also be hoping for another set of brown eyes on this baby. They're so warm and beautiful.
Funny Aisy getting her bum wet. She had forgotten her swim suit. Can you believe my mom threw this one together in just 20 minutes with stuff she had laying around?!
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A little blurry but still beautiful.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Our fourth

The fourth of July was our last day in Goldbar. It was hot and sunny and oh so beautiful at the Skykomish river. I love the blue/green color of the river. Townsend went inner tubing with grandma again. I stayed on the sandy shore with Ephraim and Jairus and got some sun. A little too much on my shoulders.

Aislyn was pretty much her loner self, content to cover herself in sand, rinse, and repeat.
OK, is it just me or do his arms look freakishly long here? It's crazy to watch my little Townsie grow up. He's getting so tall and strong.
Jairus and Ephraim spent their time throwing sand. I guess some things never loose their appeal. I had to wash about a pound of sand out of my hair later that night.
It was a wonderful, laid back day. We didn't even bother trying to go to a fire works show. Everyone was too tired by then.
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Up The Creek

We're spending a couple of days in the lovely town of Goldbar WA with my parents. The kids view time at grandma's as the ultimate vacation. Time with cousins, in the kiddie pool, sleeping in tents, and best of all swimming in creeks and rivers with the funnest grandma ever.
The creek isn't too deep right now, but Aislyn was still not too sure of how fun the inner tube was.
Townsend on the other hand knows there is nothing better than a cool creek on a hot day.
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