Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is Ephraim Isaac Judd.
He's really starting to get a personality all his own. He wakes up happy every morning. He likes to play and be bounced and tickled. He definately likes to be paid attention to. He loves to move and grab at anything he can reach. My hair and whatever I'm eating seem to be his favorites. He is a very happy and friendly little guy although you wouldn't know it from pictures because he refuses to smile at cameras.

We love him SO much!


Laura Call said...

Bronwyn, you probably get sick of hearing from me on your blog! Ephraim is sooo adorable! I'm glad I get to see all that cuteness in person on Sundays... sad, not for long. I love his cheeks and lips. And can I just tell you how beautiful you are... YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!! Just so beautiful Bronwyn!

anna said...

he doesn't have to smile to be completely adorable!! he looks delicious holding his toes!!

Dan said...

Nice job with the blog Bronwyn! Thomas isn't biased at all. It's great to see some pictures of baby Ephraim. You guys have the neatest family.

Dan & Lisa Compton

Honor said...

I like seeing and hearing stories of other people with lots of kids ... it makes me feel like I'm not the only one with chaos and craziness. I'm glad you can relate to my crazy life ... kids are sweet too (when they're sleeping) :) I need to come to the store.

Kjrsten said...

I love that rollie pollie position! Good work again Bronwyn, he is delicious!