Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Here's More

I forgot how incredibly difficult it is to get five kids and a husband to cooperate and take some family pictures. I didn't hold out much hope for many good shots because the kids......well were being kids. But turns out Amberlyn is the awesomest miracle worker around. There were so many cool pictures, it's hard to pick my favorites!

Aislyn LOVES her daddy. He just might LOVE her a little bit too!

Bronwyn loves her man! Seriously I have really been loving this guy lately. I mean I always love him but lately I just love everything about him.

Townsend=silly face. I think 99% of the pictures of him had some rendition of his "cross-eyed, monster teeth" expression. So this one looks real nice.

"Oh man, she's smothering me....again!"


Pure Mommy Extract said...

#1- I am so glad you went with the silly photo for the Christmas cards! That is totally what I would have chosen.

#2- If not that one, then the one you said he has a better look on his face in.

#3- While I appreciate the lavish compliments, they are a bit more than deserved. Photoshop does wonders for one thing.

#4- Kids certainly teach you that getting the perfect posed shot will not happen. Thus it is better to capture who they are and what life is really like.

Helena said...

I love the family picture! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I love them ALL. I think she did an incredible job- even went to her blog to see more of them and truly loved each one. Im mentally taking notes on everything so I can used them for the Christmas photo's I'll be taking this year. The piano one..amazing.

Laura Call said...

LOVE these!! I think that's an awesome family photo... very natural and happy.

Kjrsten said...

all so beautiful!

Ace said...

Boy do i really miss all of you up in washington! and great picts bronywn! say hi to aunt wendy for me and everyone else!!
aaron carroll, alden's oldest, utah, i also been blogging at www.meditatingmythsintostorys.blogspot.com so keep in touch cousin. with the blogs i'm known as ace.

Keirra Dyer said...

Bronwyn....cute famiy pics!!! You are so beautiful...my emma said, she looks like a young mom!