Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quirks-Yep I've Got A Few

My wonderful friend Sarah Simmons tagged me and now I must share six of my quirks.

1) It is extremely difficult for me to sit through an entire movie. I don't know what it is...if there is anything left undone in the house I find myself getting up and say sweeping the floor. A little weird and certainly something Thomas will probably never understand. He loves a good movie or two or three.
2)Instead of just wiping my kids hands and face after they eat I send them up to take a shower. It may waste water but it's so much easier. My kids learn to love the shower at a very young age.
3)I'm a hugger. I hug pretty much everyone I know, sometimes even people I don't. I fear some people think me a bit odd but I am what I am.
4)I can spot a spider from 100 yards away. OK maybe not quite that far but I am constantly scanning the room, ceiling and floor for unwanted guests and I can spot the smallest intruder in seconds flat!
5)I brush my teeth a lot! I'm a big fan of good oral hygiene.
6)I really do kind of like pain. I LOVE that sore feeling you get the day after a hard workout. I've had all my babies naturally...very painful. It's kind of like proof to myself that I can accomplish difficult things. It makes me feel good. I'm weird I know.

I was having a hard time thinking of my quirks. I began to feel a little sad thinking that perhaps I was not quirky after all. I turned to my sweet Thomas and he had no trouble listing at least four without a moments hesitation. Thanks honey for affirming my quirkyness.


Helena said...

Did you by any chance see the GIANT CREEPY SPIDER crawling up the curtains behind the sacrament table a couple of months ago? That was alarming.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Thats what husbands are for, right? Well, give yours a squeeze for me!

jamey r said...

what about the quirk where when pointed at you can feel it... and when the points become pokey you end up in hysterics on the floor? have you grown out of that one? i hope not, i've always enjoyed that about you.

Rebecca's Portraits and Murals said...

I love that you hug all sorts of people, and brush your teeth like crazy, and listen too music a lot of people don't listen to (oh, you didn't mention that...)