Thursday, February 5, 2009

"I Just Wanted to Look Like A Cat" and other achievements

Here we have Ephraim demonstrating how he has learned to get a stool and turn lights on and off. This new found skill of climbing has proven very beneficial for him when he is hungry...there is no food out of his reach.

Just yesterday he discovered the great joy of throwing rocks.
The great joy of eating dirt.

And yes this is really very easily explained....she just wanted to look like a cat today.

School time. Aislyn and Jairus still think sitting down with pencils and paper is super fun. If only Marley and Townsend felt the same way.
The story of us moving, somewhat condensed:
I realize that I haven't really talked much of the hows and whys of our putting the house on the market. I think I got a little tired of negative responses. Anyway we have been impressed for a couple of years now that we would move to Utah and that we should continue living and working hard here but be prepared. We just feel that now is the time to take this gigantic leap of faith. And believe me it is proving to be quite the test of faith, patience, hope and the like. As of yet we haven't had much interest in the house. But we do witness little miracles everyday. Thomas' work is going extremely well. Many opportunities on the horizon. I just have to believe that everything is working the way heavenly Father intends and I will just trust. I know that Utah is where I am supposed to raise my family so I will just be patient.


Pure Mommy Extract said...

Thanks for sharing a little bit more about the move. I think that following the Lord's guiding is often a test of patience. It's all about the growin'!

Praying for your patience in His timing.

Love you all.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Hey anytime you want a positive response, just call me!!!! Come to Utah! Jump on in! The waters just fine, I promise! (Even if it wasn't, I would lie to get you guys to move here.)

Helena said...

I totally remember doing the cat thing at about that age. (With my mom's eyebrow pencil, I think it was.)

I wish I could buy your house!

Kristen said...

Bronwyn...thanks for your comment. We left October it's been 15 months. It seems like a long long time ago. Your kids have changed too. It's amazing how fast time flies.