Friday, March 13, 2009


A small sampling of the mischief our sweet little monster can get into in a single day.

The kid fights sleep with all he's got. I have never actually seen a person fall asleep standing up. He's extremely talented.

Yes...again with the jam. It's just so good you have to drink it.

From the books to the laundry soap to the dirty dishes in the sink to the brown sugar, he is never wanting for fun things to do!


Pure Mommy Extract said...

I bet he and his sister Aislyn get along well.

Helena said...

Sounds like a handful! :)

Chalfont said...

The book mess looks like Asher has been there. They may be great friends if given just a few months.

Kristen said...

I think i have his evil twin brother at my house. I think it's the age.
I feel your pain!

Anonymous said... funny!! Silly little dude

anna said...

oh my gosh! he and macrae are like twins! weren't they due on the same day?? i would say, let's get them together but i wouldn't want to wish that on anyone! heh heh.

p.s. marley mae's coat is absolutely gorgeous!!! and so is she!