Friday, August 28, 2009

Eight Things

My ultra creative and talented friend Helena Jole tagged me and so here it is.

8 Things I Did Yesterday

-Husked corn
-Blanched corn
-Cut corn off the cob
-Put corn into freezer bags
-Canned tomatoes
-Canned pears
-Mopped kitchen floor multiple times
-Washed jars of freshly canned produce and looked lovingly at their beauty sitting in my cupboards
Can you tell it's canning week at my house?

8 Favorite Shows

-The Cosby Show
-The Office
-I'm not really up my TV shows. We haven't had TV in 5 years. But we do watch( a few too many) movies.

8 Favorite Restaraunts

-East West Cafe
-Flipping Out (cheeseburgers are delicioso)
-Sarah's House for soup(not really a restaraunt but the soup is always wonderful)
-Cafe Rio
-The Teryaki place by the Seattle temple, they serve brown rice and I love it. Plus I always go there with my husband and I love my husband.
-I can't think of eight.
-All I can think about is Sarah's potato leek soup. Hint hint.

8 Things I Look Forward To

-Ada Leigh being born
-Time alone with Thomas
-Time alone with each of my kids, they are all so different and interesting.
-Sewing Ada's blessing gown
-Trip to Vegas with my Best Loved Baby girls
-My Steve Done dad coming to visit this weekend
-Being a grandma

I tag Marianne, Sarah, Ida, Kristen, Marley and anyone else who happens to read this.


Marley Mae said...

Me mom! I have never been tagged!

Laura Call said...

I love the name for your little girl... beautiful choice.