Thursday, November 26, 2009

This Month

I haven't gotten around to blogging (or doing much of anything) this month. I have those end of pregnancy blahs. I don't feel like doing much of anything but cleaning and organizing. Yes, I'm nesting. So here are a couple pictures I managed to take.

Thanksgiving with my family. My parents have fourteen grandchildren and two more on the way. My sister Melanie went to Spokane this year so we only had eleven of the fourteen running around shrieking with joyful mischievous delight. Here are the ones lucky enough to sit at the kids' table.
My sweet Jairus with his future wife. He loves Molly Beecher. And I'm pretty sure she loves him too.
Me and my belly. Only six more weeks to go. Crazy.
Ephraim in his bunny suit with a chocolate covered face. Halloween was a good day for this little guy.
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Helena said...

Jairus and Molly are very cute. :)

Chalfont said...

I have to agree with Helena.

Anonymous said...

I feel you, Bronwyn! Four weeks to go for me.

Anonymous said...

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