Wednesday, April 7, 2010

9 Days-7 Books

Here's my almost ten year old guy. Townsend has many talents. Baseball, basketball, swimming, piano playing, giving beautiful prayers, reading, tormenting his siblings, and debating the pants off of anyone who dares try, just to name of few. But the one we're talking about today is reading. I've had to threaten to take away his books a number of times this week. It seems almost wrong as I catch myself saying it. I mean doesn't every mother want their son to spend his spare time reading? But really the kid is obsessed. I actually caught him hiding in a closet with his book so I couldn't pester him with requests to do his chores. Oh, how I love my Townsend!
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Helena said...

That is fabulously awesome.

Chalfont said...

That looks like a familiar lumping of books! J-dogg would be drooling over that stack! Go Towns-end!