Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baptism Day!

Can you believe my Aislyn Francis is eight years old?! I certainly can't. She has been more than excited for this day to come. Baptism Day! She's been telling everyone she meets all about it for weeks. It was extra special because she was able to be baptized on Thanksgiving Day. Here she is with her very most favorite person in the whole world, her dad! She is wearing the dress my mom made for me to be baptized in and her sister Marley wore it too. She thought that was pretty special.

She asked Townsend to give the talk on baptism because he is "a very good talker". He did a great job. I was so proud. I know I would never have gotten up to speak in front of people at the age of 11.

Aislyn, you are so very loved. Our family is so blessed to have you be a part of it. We learn so much from you, especially how to just love everyone. I am always amazed at your capacity to give and show love. Thank you, my beautiful girl! Happy Baptism Day!
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juddpower57 said...

We love you Aislyn. Congrats on your beautiful Baptism. We would of love to have been there.