Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas 2015

Judd Christmas 2015

It’s been a good year for the Judd family. In June we added a couple of new family members to the crew. Cecilia and her son Andrew moved here from California to stay with her sister. We met when she joined the church. Her sister ended up having to move, Cecilia needed a place to stay and the rest is history. In August we embarked on an epic cross country road trip. We were able to visit with so many friends and family that we hadn’t seen in almost three years. We saw church history sites, the Pacific Ocean, the Grand Canyon and so much more. After 15 states and 7,000 miles with every seat in our 12 passenger van filled we were definitely ready to be home though. Then in September we added a spunky little black Miniature Schnauzer named Howell to the chaos. 

When Thomas isn’t crushing candy or fantasy football opponents he’s working hard writing procedures for the TSA. He’s also been skillfully navigating the murky waters of government bureaucracy and starting up a small business with his buddy in the taxi industry. This year he was also called as the ward mission leader. He loves his calling working with the missionaries. We’ve gotten to know some exceptional young men and women. And although it’s been hard to accept that we’re old enough to be their parents we really do love them like our own! More important than all of that, he continues to be a fantastic husband and father and will forever be my favorite human being!

What have I done this year? Uuummm, well I managed to keep everyone alive, so there’s that! When I’m not making large vats of food, teaching someone to read, or sweeping the kitchen floor I still like to run. I ran a Ragnar race through the outer edges of hurricane Joaquin in October. I was definitely the slowest on our team but I finished those soul crushing hills so I am happy with that. Of course sewing will always be my love and I’ve been working hard to make more time for it lately. I’ve also been teaching the gospel principles class at church for the past two years and I LOVE it!
Marley will be eighteen in just a few months. She’s been busy applying to colleges and dreaming about her future. She’s already been accepted to Southern Virginia University with a partial academic scholarship and she’ll hear back in February from the others. I can’t even imagine life without her around. In fact I do everything I can to avoid thinking about it! She is hard working, dependable, loving, and kind. Marley spent her time this year working in a cupcake shop, babysitting, watching and drawing anime, knitting, playing the piano, learning the ukulele, writing papers and wrestling with Chemistry.

Townsend is now 15 and makes even the likes of Mary Poppins seem lacking. As he is quick to point out, he is practically perfect in every way! Aside from developing his robust sense of self-esteem he has also been growing like a weed and is pushing 6 feet. He is funny, mostly kind, has a heaping scoop of sensitivity and is generally a pretty lovable guy! He loves basketball, reading, music, making his hair tall, and girls. 

Aislyn is twelve now! She started Young Women’s at church and although she had to leave her favorite friend behind in Primary for a while, she loves it. Her biggest excitement is our new puppy Howell. He is happy and energetic and gives her lots of affection. It has been amazing to see her mature so much these last few months. She takes care of his every need completely on her own. We never have to remind her to take him for a walk or feed him. She still loves My Little Ponies with exuberance and has also recently decided that she loves having Asperger’s because she’s different than the rest of us. I love that she feels that way!

Our man Jairus turned 10 in October. His loves include Legos and Snap Circuits and has recently begun taking his turn as curator of our family dance party playlists. He’s a baby whisperer and tender soul. This year he started his first online writing class and loves it.

Ephraim turned 8 in October and was baptized! He is a sweet and intelligent boy who loves to ponder life’s complexities. He's not like his mother and has a deep love for math. But mostly he likes to play Legos and Mine Craft with his best buddies Jairus and Andrew.

Ada is 5 almost 6. She loves all things sparkly and glittering. She also loves the great outdoors and dirt and sticks. Her hair is always disheveled and her sparkles covered in dust. I would describe Ada as truly ALIVE! She has a passion and zest for everything she does, she feels things very deeply, and she never, ever stops moving!

Joan-Claire is a force to be reckoned with at the tender age of 3! She is a mighty dictator in a little body. She knows what she wants and will settle for nothing less. This trait will, I’m sure serve her well later in life (I’m just praying she makes it that far)!  She also has an amazing ability to sit still and pay attention to the minutest of details. When she is sweet, she is very, very sweet. And when she is bad, well……

Sweet baby Jane turned 1 in November. She started her cute little drunken toddler walking this month and gives the best open mouthed slobbery baby kisses! She is sweet, happy, and loving and we’re all so thankful to have her in the family.

Merry Christmas to all of you, the people we love! We are so grateful for our Savior and the peace and love He brings to our lives, and pray that you all may feel it too!


Helena said...

Everyone is looking so big! I love the name Howell. Too cute. :)

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steve j said...

I'm dreaming of a Judd Christmas!



Just like the ones I used to know.