Thursday, February 7, 2008

Little Lefty

The other day I looked over at Jairus and admired him as he intently scribbled on a scrap of paper. As every parent does from time to time, I thought to myself,"What a genius he is, he holds his pencil so well!" Then it hit me....he was using his left hand! I watched him all that day and realized he uses his left hand for everything else too. My little guy is left handed. Crazy. How do you teach a lefty to write anyway?

Thomas' thoughts of course immediately went to the wide world of sports. He thinks Jairus' calling in life is now to be a left handed pitcher. I guess they make a bit of money. Here's hoping the kid loves baseball!


Helena said...

He strikes me as kind of an engineer type.

Trissa said...

DUDE... go for tennis! Way less competative for scholarships and leftys are just as valuable in tennis as baseball. =)

Aunt Susie said...

Yeah Lefties.... My sweetie Ted is a lefty. Good thing that in this day and age that they don't try and change what hand you use (like it is a disease) Ted suffered from very uninformed teachers.

What ever he does, he will be successful because he is loved.