Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Is It Spring Or What?

On the whole I'd have to say it's been a pretty crappy spring here in the NW. But every once in awhile we'll get a beautiful day. All the kids will play outside for hours and hours. When they finally do come back in they'll have sweet little grass stains on their knees as reminder of their adventures. The house somehow stays a little cleaner. And the marshmallows hidden behind the spices on the top shelf are forgotten by Aislyn, if only for a day.

We were so fortunate to have one such day this last Sunday. I got out the camera and took some pictures in celebration of the discovery that my camera was in fact not broken as I had previously thought after Thomas had put it "away" so high that no person measuring less than 6' 5"could ever reach it, and when I did finally catch hold of it to pull it down it fell and hit me on the head and then crashed to the floor. But I guess that's another story entirely.

These ones of Jairus and Aislyn crack me up. I have come to love that despite my best efforts to the contrary they always find a way to look dishevelled. They have style all their own!

There is always so much going on. It is so easy for me to take this time of my life for granted. But when I stop for just a moment I remember to just love those dirty little faces. Even now I hear Marley and Townsend upstairs dancing with the younger kids to some Spanish flamenco guitar music and it makes me smile. If only we could all just remember to smile a little more often.


Helena said...

We've been having fun outside, too. I'm glad your camera is not broken!

F E L I C I T Y ( : said...

I really really love that first picture. it looks like something a professional photographer would take. it has to be my favourite pic. I just love it!

autisticangel said...

glad ur having fun in the spring! still wish our family stoppe faighting and had fun together