Saturday, May 10, 2008

Woodland Faerie Crowns and Other Wonderful Creations

Marley is just about the most creative person I know. She is always making some new craft with whatever she might find around the house or in the yard. So yesterday when I saw with some wire and a pair of pliers I wondered what she could possibly be making this time. A half hour later and everyone had a beautiful ivy crown to enjoy.

I wish the picture turned out better, but here is a mobile that she made for her little brother Ephraim. He loves it and is often seen staring at it with a smile full of wonderment.

This is another of Marley's creations. Last week was Thomas' birthday. Marley and Townsend wanted to surprise him with the perfect gift. They chose the best pieces from the wood pile and found nails and a hammer in the garage. They wanted to make him little book shelves for his nightstand. They did everything all by themselves and the bookshelves turned out beautifully. Thomas even cried when they proudly presented him with their gifts. Of course if you know Thomas that isn't too surprising.

Aside from her creativity Marley is sweet and kind and thoughtful. I am so thankful for how much she helps me and is concerned for my feelings. She is a beautiful girl and I love her so much.


Helena said...

Wonderful! And so creative.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Gotta love a wonderful big sister like that! It was SO fun to see you guys last week... one of the highlights of my trip, in fact. Coming to Utah any time soon??

autisticangel said...

marley is soo creative, everybody has a hidden talent. i love those crowns. i think over here if u just put the wire on the ground and wait a week we would get the same results,lol


Hey Bronwyn- I found your blog from the Calls Blog. Your family is growing so fast. I added you to my BLog friends. Nicole