Monday, July 6, 2009

Our fourth

The fourth of July was our last day in Goldbar. It was hot and sunny and oh so beautiful at the Skykomish river. I love the blue/green color of the river. Townsend went inner tubing with grandma again. I stayed on the sandy shore with Ephraim and Jairus and got some sun. A little too much on my shoulders.

Aislyn was pretty much her loner self, content to cover herself in sand, rinse, and repeat.
OK, is it just me or do his arms look freakishly long here? It's crazy to watch my little Townsie grow up. He's getting so tall and strong.
Jairus and Ephraim spent their time throwing sand. I guess some things never loose their appeal. I had to wash about a pound of sand out of my hair later that night.
It was a wonderful, laid back day. We didn't even bother trying to go to a fire works show. Everyone was too tired by then.
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Helena said...

I love the picture of Aislyn!

Kjrsten said...

looks like the perfect day. you have some yummy toe headed babies!

Laura Call said...

Oh man, that looks like an awesome time... going down a little river with inner tubes, so fun!! Such great summer memories!