Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Hike That Was Not

On Saturday I drove up to Goldbar again for a couple of reasons. I had to retrieve Marley and Aislyn from their getaway at grandma's and we all wanted to hike to Wallace Falls. Turns out if you want to hike on a beautiful sunny Saturday you'd better get there early. And as some of you may know getting up early is not exactly my forte'. There was absolutely no where to park within a mile to the trail entrance. Plan B.....find yet another cute little mountain stream and get wet.

It is now apparent that I am indeed pregnant. Four months. Just one more to go and we'll know if I get to start smocking sweet little girl dresses. Can you tell that I just might be hoping for a girl? I do adore little boys though too.
Jairus inside a tree. He thought that was pretty great.
Pretty browned-eyed Marley. I might also be hoping for another set of brown eyes on this baby. They're so warm and beautiful.
Funny Aisy getting her bum wet. She had forgotten her swim suit. Can you believe my mom threw this one together in just 20 minutes with stuff she had laying around?!
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Helena said...

I have a friend who also tried to go to Wallace Falls on Saturday! I didn't know it was such a happening spot.

You have a talented mom!

Laura Call said...

Well aren't you just the cutest little pregnant person EVER!!

And seriously, your mom is amazing!

The Shumate Family said...

you are just too cute Bronwyn.