Friday, September 4, 2009

Canning Week!

Canning week. In a strange and twisted way I look forward to it all year long. I never work quite so hard, or stay up quite so late as I do this week. I'm never quite so tired or frazzled as I am this week. But I never feel quite the sense of fulfillment as I do this week. And even though the kids complain here and there I think they feel the same way. Hard work makes you feel good, it gives you confidence. Both Marley and Townsend made comments about how fun it was and how they loved it. Even Ephraim got in on the green snapping and corn husking action.
This year Sarah and I drove to Yakima on Monday, loaded up her van with probably 1,000 pounds of produce and then got to work on Tuesday. Thanks to Sister Moore we got 400 pounds of corn for free from the WSU fields in Puyallup. This year our family did 40 quarts of peaches, 15 quarts of pears, 65 quarts of green beans, 85 quarts of tomatoes and we froze 25 quarts of fresh corn. It all tastes so much better than the store bought stuff.

Here's our pile of corn husks.
Pretty tomatoes.
Corn huskin' tickle fight.
Fruits of our labors.
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Pure Mommy Extract said...

That is some beee-ootiful craftsmanship. I need to learn to do that some day soon!

I need to talk baby wearing with you. Strollers are no good in Ukraine (really rough roads) and we may have to carry a very small four year old around a lot. What do I need to buy from you to make that easy? ;-)

Helena said...

400 pounds of corn! Wow.

Kjrsten said...

this is amazing, and insane all at the same time! I am in awe, I bow to thee.

anna said...

looks absolutely delicious. i know nothing about canning! but i'm sure it's tasty!! nice work.