Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Westport and Grandpa!

Last Monday was just about as perfect as a day can be. We all piled into the Pilot and headed for the beach. School started for everyone else last week so we had the beach to ourselves. We were all happy to have Grandpa Done here for a visit. Grandpa=Fun. We made sand castles, found jellyfish and shells, buried our legs in the sand, thought we were being killed by a wave that knocked us down(OK that one was Jairus but he recovered quickly), threw a lot of sand, drove on the beach and scared innocent seagulls, saw cranberry bogs, ate at a wonderful little restaraunt called Bennett's, broke a glass, ate an "adult meal" and had generally had a beautiful day. Thank you grandpa!
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Laura Call said...

I love this collage of beach pics... beautiful! Sounds like wonderful memories were made.