Thursday, May 13, 2010

She Sucks Her Thumb!

I have never had a thumb-sucking baby before. It's something I didn't ever hope for in my children. You know, horror stories of bad teeth and orthodontist bills and memories of that poor girl who was teased for still indulging in the comfort in the fourth grade. But it turns out that it is sooooo very cute when this little chubster finds her thumb and starts to sucking. A plus for me is that because of this new found skill she sleeps for longer stretches at night. Yay! Bad teeth be damned, I love sleep.
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SpencernAmy said...

Hey Bronwyn!
I had a thumb-sucker - just one. She was my easiest kid by far! She slept the best, her tantrums were silent pouting (with thumb in mouth), and she learned to comfort herself. I LOVED it! I did worry about when we ought to actively break the habit but one day (she was 3) I realized I never saw her doing it anymore . . . . Hope your experience is as heavenly as mine was!

Laura Call said...

SO so cute!! Such an adorable picture.

Tell us about the move... show us pictures of the house... how is everything going?

Anne Wheatley said...

Bronwyn, She is so beautiful..and you sound so happy! I am so envious that you took the leap...I dream of it everyday.
I drive by your house and am sad that you aren't there, but so happy you are where you are! Enjoy!!