Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NEW YORK!(a month ago)

The last week in April Thomas, Ada, and I got to take a little trip to New Jersey to visit my beloved brother in law Brent and his lovely wife Sheree. We have missed them terribly since they left us for the Garden State. Thomas and I celebrate both our birthdays and our anniversary within a three week time period, so this little trip commemorated 14 happy years together. Man we're getting old! We ate REAL Italian food, saw a few historic sites, drove around looking at old beautiful houses, saw the Manhatten temple/stake center, went to NY City for a day, but mostly just spent time with people we dearly love.
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aaron&marianne said...

what a fun post- what a great quick getaway- so glad u got to fly away

Laura Call said...

What a fun trip!! Sounds like a wonderful time. And Happy Anniversary... what a great way to celebrate, getting away and spending some time together.