Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What have we been up to?

Rolling down grassy hills.
Playing with chickens.
Picnicking with our much missed, unofficially adopted daughter Felicity who is back in Washington for the summer.
Snuggling with the cutest, sweetest, fat baby around.

We've been in Port Orchard for almost two months now and all I can say is I LOVE IT HERE! It is true that our house here is much smaller but somehow it's actually made life a little easier. I like that no one can hide from me. I love how beautiful it is everywhere. I love that the kids are practically always outside. Even my little TVaholic, Aislyn has all but forgotten about the lures of that creativity sucking television. They play "explorer" every day. I love my chickens. I love all the different birds that I've never seen before. I love how much more friendly people are here. Even the Costco sample ladies who in Tacoma are notoriously cranky are pleasant and sweet out here. I love our ward at church, I've never felt so welcomed. I love our neighbors/landlord.
Things I don't love: missing my friends and having to drive back over the bridge to visit them. Have I ever mentioned my irrational fear of deep, dark water? And I don't so much love the crazy big hills here everywhere you turn. Ok, I do love them just not when I'm trying to run. They're killing me.
We do still plan on ending up in Utah someday but for now I will just hope that's way off in the future. Port Orchard rocks!
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aaron&marianne said...

hello lady- i think your good attiitude will find u happy wherever you guys live-

Dan, Lisa, and McKenzie said...

I haven't checked your blog in a while. Sounds like Port Orchard is treating you well but I know you will be missed in Tacoma. I hope you guys do end up in Utah someday. We would love to see you more often!