Monday, July 26, 2010

Boise-Day One

It's been two weeks now since we left for Boise. I'm not behind or anything! Thomas was going for a week to help set some new scanners up at the Boise airport. Since the hotel and mileage were paid for we thought we might as well all go. As we were getting off the freeway to get to our hotel we saw of all things the Boise LDS Temple. So for our first adventure that's were we went. The boys had a lovely time discovering hidden doors all around the building, Aislyn spent her time fighting the urge to pick the flowers, and Ada was just trying to decide which she liked least, the sun in her eyes or the sun bonnet on her head. We met a lovely family who actually lives just 20 miles from us. The mother was from Brazil and she had all her family visiting with her. I just love listening to people speak in different languages.I can't wait for Thomas and I to be able to go on missions together. It motivated me to get back on track with my Spanish lessons on Rosetta Stone.
Our first day there was Sunday and temples are closed on Sundays. But the gate to parking lot was open so I just drove in. As we headed back to the car, much to my surprise I saw that the gate was now locked. I stood there for a moment with my mouth literally gaping open. And then I noticed a man across the lot with an amused expression on his face. Luckily he was kind enough to let us out.
It is a beautiful and unique building- how cool that we just happened upon it? Posted by Picasa

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