Monday, July 26, 2010

Paddle Boat Racing

Day two in Boise Thomas didn't have to work much. So we found a riverfront park to spend the day in. Did you know that Boise is called the City of Trees? Indeed it is, and it really is quite beautiful. I am not much of a desert loving person. The desolate hills and mountains all along the drive to Utah have in my estimation always been UGLY. So needless to say I wasn't too excited about a family vacation to Boise. I pictured it just being more dry, dusty, wasteland. I stand corrected. Such a beautiful river and trees and grass everywhere. It was hot and sunny the whole time, but not too hot.
There was a place you could rent paddle boats and since none of us had ever been on a paddle boat we thought we'd give it a try. It took three boats to accommodate all of us and once we figured out who should ride with who we were on our way.
Townsend, me, and Ada rode together. Townsend felt pretty cool being able to drive the boat. And of course as no ten year old boy would be, he was not content with mere liesurely paddling. And so a paddle boat race ensued! Turns out though, no matter how hard you peddle you really can't go very fast.
So, leave it to my sweet husband to up the ante and turn the paddle boat race into paddle boat bumper cars. Not to worry though, paddle aren't very good at bumping either. And in the end we all just paddled slowly side by side and had a lovely afternoon.
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