Friday, March 18, 2011

Uh....Ya, It's Been Awhile

Can it really be?! Christmas was my last post? Life of course continues to march forward. Ada turned one. Marley turned thirteen. We wrestled a bit, snuggled Ada a lot. I feel like I've spent an eternity in the car driving to and from various classes, sports, activities. Aislyn started going to school at Hidden Creek Elementary. Marley won the part of Hermia in her Shakespeare class' production of A Midsummer's Night Dream. Townsend gets to play Egeus(aka Hermia's father). They both think that's pretty funny. Jairus is learning to read. Ephraim is officially potty trained.YAY! Thomas had surgery for a spot of skin cancer on his nose that ended up being a much bigger than we first thought. Aislyn started Occupational Therapy. And so much more.

It's funny how my definition of "busy" has evolved over the years. It's funny how I have evolved over the years.
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juddpower57 said...

Oh sister, thanks for the update. I have missed the pictures and love hearing about your wonderful family. How sweet it is to see a natural family that is so undisturbed the real world. Wonderful job..