Monday, September 26, 2011

It Was Bound To Happen Sometime....

Ephraim, my sweet little guy!(I promise he is wearing underwear in this photo) With this many kids running around it was inevitable and so it was Ephraim who  managed to be the first Judd kid to break a bone. And all because of a trampoline and as he tells it one GIGANTIC SUPER BOUNCE! The super bouncers shall remain nameless, although I'm sure you probably have a good guess as to who they were. It has been a fun adventure full of x-rays and Spider Man stickers. Ask Ephraim and he will tell you how cool an x-ray is, you get stickers AND you get to see your bones! The first few days were a little rough. But now my little invalid can get around with the rest of them unless of course he's in the mood to milk it for all it's worth, at which he's become quite skilled. One week down and three to go until the cast comes off!

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