Monday, October 3, 2011

The Big Four!

Ephraim Isaac....oh how I adore this beautiful boy! Can it really be that four years have flown by since he was born? For his birthday he requested a HUGE chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Marley and I made this bad boy all from scratch. It was delicious although very, very rich. And I think three layers might be a bit excessive. As you can see Ephraim attacked his cake with fervor and determination but in the end could only eat about half his slice.

Townsend might have filled up on frosting before it was even cake time.

Happy birthday sweet Ephraim boy! I could not imagine the world without you.


Marley Mae said...

It was delicous but sickening.

Laura Call said...

GORGEOUS family photo at the top of your blog!! We miss seeing you guys... I'm so glad for blogs and facebook. Your kids are all growing up so much and now another one on the way... how exciting!!! Congratulations! Hope you're feeling well!

p.s. That is one BIG chocolate cake, and it looks so good! :)