Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do You Know What Today Is? It's Our Anniversary!

Anyone else know this awesome Tony, Tone, Toni song? At some point Thomas started singing it to me on our anniversary every year and somehow it just stuck and is our anniversary theme song. We were both randomly breaking out in song all day Sunday.

This last Sunday, April 20th Thomas and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. As anniversaries always seem to do it made me reflect. I am so grateful for the life we've built together and the opportunity to learn and grow together. This first picture is the work of sweet Aisy J. Then Townsend took over and managed to get our heads in the shot.

Since this is MY blog I wanted to take just a minute and tell you a few of the reasons why I am still so in love with my Thomas after twelve years together.
-He's a builder...his words to me are always so kind and make me feel like I'm the greatest person alive.
-He is the least judgemental person I have ever known. He always looks at things from other peoples perspectives. Once I was pretty upset with a person who had said some unkind things about Thomas and instead of being hurt by it he actually defended this person and was sad that I would be mad at them.
-He loves his kids and can't stand to see them sad or hurt. He is a very fun, attentive, and loving father.
-I LOVE that he is sensitive. He just might have a reputation for crying and I love it.
-He listens when I have something to say and does everything he can to support me.
-He tells me I'm beautiful and that he loves me at least once every day.
-He loves people in general and wants them to be happy. He's not afraid to share the gospel with others.
-I find him to be extremely amusing.

I also love that he makes macaroni and cheese for lunch every Sunday. It's a sweet tradition, one of the many "little things" that make up our family. I remember when we only had to make one box, then two, and now we're up to three. It's so exciting to think of the future, all the possibilities, all that we can become. How many boxes of macaroni and cheese will the future hold?

Thank you Thomas.

p.s. Can you find the Oxford comma?


Laura Call said...

Happy Anniversary! What a sweet post, Bronwyn. I think both you and Thomas are great people and you make such a wonderful, adorable couple. We love you guys!

Thomas said...

Who is the builder?

I love your blog, finally someone recognizes how great I am.

P.S. Masterful use of the Oxford comma.

Love you.

Helena said...

Happy Anniversary!

I am a fan of the Oxford comma.

jesusman said...

congradaultions! you guys are a match made in heaven! most couples would be ripping each others head off after 12 years but you two are living happily ever after.

(to thomas) I find the fact that u share the gospel shamelessly a bit of inspiration becuz i am always to afraid too. see u at the gates!:)

(to brownyn) I find ur sweet nature and love for life uplifting. makes me want to enjoy life a little more

(to the kids) U got great parents! u dont know how lucky u are!

aaron&marianne said...

ahh the toni tony tonie- sp? i totally remember that group and that song- you two are a great couple who are a great example to other couples around you! thomas really is one of a kind- and it sounds like he is still madly in love with you- probably even more so after 12 years!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

You guys are just adorable and it's awesome that you are still so in love! I remember your wedding day and thinking that you were so cute and noticing that you couldn't stop smiling... look! Nothing has changed!

Aunt Susie said...

Congrats!!! Here's to another 50 years. You are both blessed to have such a wonderful relationship.

Dan said...

Happy Anniversary Thomas & Bronwyn! You guys are pretty much the greatest. I look up to you a lot.