Friday, April 11, 2008


Yesterday was such a perfectly beautiful, sunny, and almost warm day. The kids talkedThomas into playing a game of PIG with them while I made dinner. A soon as dinner was over Townsend was begging to go finish "beating dad." I couldn't resist going out with them. I generally tell everyone that I'm just not a game-playing, sport-playing kind of girl. But the truth is I really just don't like to lose. Unfortunately I'm an even worse winner. I just might be a bit of a trash talker.

I started out getting my trash kicked. As you can see my family has got some skills. Is this not the funniest action shot ever?!

But then I caught fire. I was unstoppable! I won the first round. Aaah ya. Here's one of my many victory dances.
Round two I was still going strong. It was down to just Thomas and I. My poor kids will probably never let me play with them again. I guess i kinda took over their game.

The battle raged on though and turns out I'm a heck of a clutch shooter. But in the end Thomas went away victorious and the kids were playing in the dirt. It's a good thing I love him so much, I even managed to swallow my pride and give him high five.


aaron&marianne said...

oh family time! with cool parents- your kids are sooo lucky!-- cute, skinny dunk shot thomas!

jesusman said...

wow u guys had so much fun, i wish my family did stuff together, and got along!