Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm It!

I'm always the one taking the pictures and consequently am never in them. Here's a rare shot of me taken by my budding photographer Townsend.

I was just tagged by Kjrsten so here's a little something about me.
Ten years ago:
I was living in Provo with a one month old little Marley Mae. She was so tiny and wrinkley and had the delightful talent of projectile vomiting. But I was so very in love with my new little baby.
5 things on my to do list today
1. fold and bundle 3o dozen prefold diapers.
2. cut out a sun dress for Aislyn and her friend Myka.
3. vacuum the stairs.
4. attack the never ending laundry.
5. learn about photosynthesis with Marley and Townsend.
things I would do if I became a billionaire
I would buy a big farm house with lots of land and have chickens and cows and a huge vegetable garden and fruit trees and of course buy a full years supply of food. And maybe start some sort of non-profit that helped women in underdeveloped countries have healthier and safer pregnancies and births. And of course buy houses for all my family. I'm sure it would go quick, money always does.
5 of my secret bad habits
1.I always bring food to church under the guise that it's for the kids, but really I eat most of it. It drives Thomas crazy. It's probably the reason I'll keep having kids, just so I can have an excuse to eat string cheese whenever I want.
2.I hate matching socks. I mostly just put them in a huge pile and search through when we need a pair. It's probably why everyone in the family is always barefoot.
3.When I eat I always save the best part for last. I hate it when my kids ask for a bite when I'm almost finished. I have to admit I'm pretty selfish and don't often let them have it. I think I might be obsessed with food.
4. I've been known to say a swear word here and there.
5.I stay up way too late and I let my kids stay up late so they'll sleep in, I'm just a night person. But I figure since we home school there's no rush getting up in the morning.
5 places I have lived
1.Pasco WA
2.Ashtabula OH
3.Sunizona AZ
4.Tacoma WA
5.Provo UT
5 jobs I have had
1.Dairy Queen
2.Albertson's bagger
4.Lynn Funeral Home receptionist(and six years of free rent, it was awesome).
5.Part owner of the best natural children's boutique ever!
5 things people don't know about me
1.I'm electronically challenged. I don't know how to do much of anything on a computer. I don't even know how I figured out how to create a blog. It was a miracle.
2.I have a tattoo.
3.I am more thankful for my testimony of the gospel than anything else(although some people might already know that).
4.I am really grossed out by hair, not so much if it's still attached to your head, but once it's fallen off it's icky. There's nothing grosser than that ball of hair in the corner of a bathroom.
5.I love to exercise and I especially love that sore feeling you get the day after a really good workout. It's just a reminder that you worked really hard. And there's nothing better in life than working hard.
And now I tag Marrianne, and Jessica(you should just give in and start your own blog).


Honor said...

I don't like hairy corners either ... and I always save the best bite of food for last and hate it when my kids want it ... no tattoo though (didn't that hurt?) ouch.

jamey said...

i knew all five things about you.


Helena said...

Since getting out of the nursery I found that I was getting really cranky and low-blood-sugar-y by the time Relief Society rolled around, and it dawned on me that I was missing snack time. So this last week I took an orange and ate it in the bathroom after Sunday School. Much better.

Photosynthesis! Woot!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Did you know that I love your blog? You are such a cute mom!

whats the skinny said...

pretty picture of you!! i love your hair! and i too have a tattoo, am known to swear, AND LOVE TO FEEL SORE after a workout. hmmm...maybe we REALLY are cousins?? you're too cute!

aaron&marianne said...

Townsend! Good job! Really good job! Some adults can't even get pictures that good! Bronwyn, I still look at you and marvel that you have had 5 kids! You are such a lovely woman and mother, very inspiring to me...tag, I'm it? well ok then...

Anonymous said...

It seems we have a bit it common. I share your secret bad habits of swearing and food savoring\ obsession. I also am grossed out by hair but sadly my laziness is stronger and you’d probably be disgusted upon entering my bathroom since I’m sure there are a few lurking in the corners.
I also agree that Jessica needs to get a blog.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Tagged your little Jairus on my family blog!

jesusman said...

makes me think what im going to do with my life