Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthday Baptism!

Yesterday my little guy turned eight and I realized he's not so little anymore. As I'm sure every mother does, I began to wonder where the time has gone. It really was just yesterday that I was snuggling a chubby wonderful little baby Townsend. He was the best baby ever, he never cried and was just always good natured and mellow. He may not be quite so mellow now but he is good natured. I am proud to be his mother. He is so smart but also has kind heart. There's nothing better than one of Townsend's hugs.

Just like Marley, Townsend was able to get baptised on his birthday. It was a special day. It was cool to see him feel so important. Here are some pictures of baptism day.

Townsend is gigantic but he still looks small next to his dad.

This one's my favorite! He cracks me up.


Helena said...


Alan Shumate said...

Congratulations. I love your kids. It's refreshing to see such good parenting since there are so many who make parenting and family such a low priority.

Laura Call said...

Congratulations, Townsend!!

What a special and sweet experience for the whole family. That is a beautiful family picture of you all together!

aaron&marianne said...

Yay for the 8 yr old! my favorite is the crossed eyes- my girls love that kid- they think he is so funny!

autisticangel said...

congradutions townsend! good luck with ur new life in christ!