Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Simmees

I was just using Sarah's computer to type something up for the shop and I found these pictures from I think three years ago. I was pregnant with Jairus and just starting to show. It was the first of many little vacations with our awesome friends the Simmons(or as Aislyn calls them, the Simmees).

We went to Victoria and it was so very beautiful! We went to high tea and ate delicious(although way overpriced) scones and sandwhiches. We went to Buchart Gardens....breathtakingly beautiful. But best of all we were hanging out with the coolest friends in the history of the universe! You may be wondering if "coolest friends in the history of the universe" might be a bit of an exaggeration. But I tell you it's not. They are the most thoughtful and generous people around and awesome business partners to boot. Our family has so many wonderful blessings and the Simmons family are certainly one of them.
We love you Barry, Sarah, Johanna, Aldus, Payson, Kohl, and Finn!


Helena said...

Fun trip! We went up to Victoria a few years ago with my sister. I got sick (a combination of the ferry and dinner, I think) but then I was okay. I want to go back and do the butterfly garden again with my digital camera!

aaron&marianne said...

yes- the simmons family has it down- i really admire them- barry and sarah are a truly amazing couple- as are you and thomas!

Laura Call said...

How sweet! Your families are meant for each other. It's great having wonderful friends to pal around with... makes life that much more enjoyable.

I love Victoria! Tyler and I spent our honeymoon in Victoria in the wintertime... very romantic place in the winter, especially right after the holidays when they still have all their lights up everywhere.

autisticangel said...

tat looks like a beatuiful place

Anonymous said...

Hi Bronwyn!! You have so many beautiful pictures down there, very artistic eye with that camera.
I keep meaning to check out Victoria, we really should go.
The Simmee's are really the most generous people, I absolutely agree. I hope we get to come out soon and see you all again :)