Friday, June 27, 2008

Let's Get Out Of The House!

It was one of "those" days! There seemed to be nothing but crying, whining, and fighting all day long. Nothing really got done and nothing seemed to go right. I felt like I wanted to scream. So......I told everyone to get in the car because we were going for a little hike. After a few minor setbacks(i.e. poopy diapers and lost shoes) we made it to Pt. Defiance.

Marley carried Ephraim in the Ergo and I carried Jairus in a Mei Tai. We hiked through trails and then down to the beach. It's so cool when you can just stop a bad day in it's tracks and turn things around. The day had felt oh so horrific and then all of a sudden everyone was smiling,laughing,running and happy. It made me glad that I didn't give in to the urge to lock everyone in their bedrooms for the night:) We found interesting rocks and shells. Jairus spent a good five minutes popping those air bubble things in the seaweed. Marley and Townsend spent their time trying to pry barnacles off the wall.
We found a curvy tree. They were all in awe of it and wondered what could have made it grow that way. We explored hidden trails and found interesting flowers.

It was one of those nights that reminded me how fortunate I am to be a mother. I love my kids beyond expression. I love watching them learn and seeing their faces full of wonder. I love their weird quirky personalities. I am thankful to be able to spend so much time with them.


Helena said...

That first picture is just adorable!


I have days like that a lot where nothing is going right. It's nice just to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Your a great mother!!!

Mashelle said...

What an awesome family. We just joined this world of blogging. This is such a good way to watch people's family grow from so many miles away. Visit our blog and


The Shumate Family said...

Bronwyn! I found your blog through my father-in-laws... how random! Anyway... you are such a good mom and a great photographer! :)

autisticangel said...

that good! godto see u turned a bad day into a good one.

Jesse said...