Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Week In Pictures

Ephraim LOVES his big sister. This was one of those priceless picture opportunities. I may be biased, but this picture is so sweet!
Last Wednesday we drove up to my mom's house to get a bunch of strawberries. We then drove all the way back and spent the rest of the day making strawberry jam. It's a lot of work, but absolutely worth it. I can't bring myself to eat store bought jam anymore. Nothing beats home made. Just a couple more weeks and then raspberry season. My favorite.
Friday we got the keys to our new shop. We've definately got some cleaning and remodeling ahead of us. Marley was so excited about this awesome wallpaper mural from the seventies. Unfortunately I was not. She and Thomas got the super fun job of scraping it off the wall.
Saturday was the Elder's Quorum picnic/softball game at Jefferson Park. Here's Townsend(and Marley)with one of his very best friends, Jesse Beecher. He was so very happy to have a "playdate". I'm sure Jessica will also be happy to have at least a days resprite from Townsend's calls requesting playdates.
Sunday morning! It may be a little blurry but I'm sure you get the idea.


Helena said...

Yeah, we had a bit of that Sunday morning, too.

What, you don't like the mural!?

jamey r said...

jammmmmm. yummmm.

we had a perfect blackberry patch behind us until someone deemed it "unsightly". Please tell me how free berries could possibly be unsightly?


aaron&marianne said...

sunday morning- sooo funny- oh little aisy! dont cry!- aaron noticed that thomas didn't even need a ladder to get the top wallpaper!

Kjrsten said...

I like how this starts out with sweetest little photo of your youngest and oldest and then ends with the middle child in tears! Isn't that just the essence motherhood, peace, love, and joy, with tears in the middle!