Monday, July 21, 2008

Pick Quick Park

Last weekend we hopped in the car and went to Thomas' very favorite place to eat! Pick Quick is a lovely little hamburger place in Fife that is only open in the summer. Thomas loves the huge walla walla sweet onions they put on the burgers, I love the hot fudge shakes and the kids love the climbing tree.

Ephraim can't quite climb a tree but he sure is good at eating dirt.
Marley and Townsend spent most of their time climbing the beautiful old tree. Jairus spent his time eating a hot dog that was bigger than him. And Aislyn spent her time being grumpy(never,ever wake Aislyn up from a nap!)

I learned a few things on our family outing:
1.I can still do a cartwheel.
2.I can also climb a tree(kindof).
3.Thomas doesn't like to smile in pictures because he thinks his smile looks "fake". I am now on a mission to capture his "real" smile.
4. Never ever wake Aislyn up from a nap. OK so I already knew that one, but it is knowledge reaffirmed.


Helena said...

What a great tree!

My brother is the *worst* at smiling for the camera. I have so many goofy-looking pictures of him.

jamey r said...

Ash and I keep meaning to go there.
The line outside is advertisement enough. Elliot forgot to mention he saw you. He was so into making an egg sandwich with his 28 hour old egg that I barely even got a hello when he came home. Alas, that I guess is the way of teenage boys. I can't complain, he is really such a great kid. I have heard of beets and brussle sprouts, (which would be my choice) but a golden beet and pomegranate salad might be more friendly. terry's berries?
I love you!

Dean and Ida said...

Pick Quick...mmmmm yummy!! You have such a cute family!!! :-)

Laura Call said...

We love that place! It's a great little fun & peaceful area to hang with the fam... and good food! Glad to hear you can still pull off a cartwheel, haha, sounds like fun!

Jesse said...

I like the blog!

Kjrsten said...

LOVE those baby legs!