Thursday, August 21, 2008

Canning Season Is Upon Us!

Last night Sarah and I were so fortunate as to acquire 280 canning jars from the sweetest old woman named Opal. Her son had listed them on craigslist for her. She was just one of those people that somehow you'll never forget. Her face was worn and weathered from years of hard work. Her hands....her hands even more so, but they were some of the most beautiful hands I've ever seen. They were hands spent working and serving, ever industrious. She had apple trees, raspberry bushes, a grape arbor and blueberry bushes all of which were meticulously cared for. We talked with her for probably an hour. What a wonderful woman!

I am so excited to have so many used jars. That will save a ton. Sarah and I are feeling ambitious this year. We've got some major canning plans ahead. We'd each like to do 100 quarts of tomatoes, 50 each of green beans, 30 each of peaches and pears. It's hard work but so very worth it to me. I love the feeling of accomplishment. I love how delicious home canned food tastes. I love having a skill that is useful. I love knowing exactly what I'm eating. I guess I should stop rambling, lest people catch on to what a weirdo I really am.

Tuesday I finished up 35 pints of raspberry jam. So yummy! Aislyn thinks so too. I caught her several times eating spoon fulls of jam. So much for limiting her sugar intake.


Kristen said...

Last night I froze 6 dozen ears of corn. I was so sad to see that 6 dozen shrink into 10 ziploc bags. But I too love to eat home canned goodness! I can;t believe how long the process takes...sheesh!

jamey r said...

your jam is my secret special treat.

it is perfect with tea and toast.
thank you so very much!

Helena said...

That's a lot of jars! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

you can't see me but Im bowing down to your are incredible, wowee!! Someone just gave me a sucker out-er thing and all the plastic ..that will be the closest I'll get to canning this year but I have to try,right? I know canning can't be that hard but it looks so difficult that I've never even tried. Can I come over one of these days and just help so I can learn how to do it?? Im serious...write to me on my blog and let me know in case it works out for you to have me come.