Friday, August 8, 2008

Nate & Krista

My little brother got married today! The location couldn't have been more beautiful. Krista's grandma has a wonderful backyard over looking the Skykomish river and the mountains high overhead. It was a sweet day. We are all so happy to have Krista be an official member of the family. She is very loved.

Here's my mama and her boy. I just loved this picture. It's her "I'm so proud I could cry"expression. The other picture is of Nate and Krista's daughter Katlyn. She has the most beautiful, thick, long, and wavy hair for a two year old. She is a fireball and we love her!

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Alan Shumate said...

Congratulation to Nate! I always thought he was a good kid and I'm glad to see this happening to him.