Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Ephraim is one year old tomorrow! He is the most wonderful little guy. I love everything about him. He is easy going and doesn't mind being alone but he's always up for some snuggling with mama. He loves to wrestle with his big brother Jairus, actually he loves to wrestle with anyone and everyone. He's got the longest reach and the quickest grab of any baby I've ever met. I think he managed to dump the sacrament water tray in my lap three Sundays in a row.
He loves to eat....tomatoes, grass, dirt, rocks, you name it.
I don't know why but I just never want to be away from him. It makes me so dang meloncholy to think of him growing up and leaving me. I know it will happen someday so I cherish all of his slobbery baby hugs and kisses right now.
He loves his big sister Marley. She was there when he was born and got to be the first person to hold him. They seem to have a very special bond. It is so sweet to see.
We are so blessed to have Ephraim Isaac Judd in our family. We love him so very much.
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jamey r said...

day late birthday loves.

kiss his hair for me...i miss that part the most...no, its the curled up naps. sigh. who am i kidding. i miss all of it. love love love.

Helena said...

Happy birthday Ephraim! I can't believe he's a year old already.

Rebecca Davidson Photography said...

Sweet baby!! Happy Happy Birthday little sir!

april said...

Ephraim is so cute! I love the big sis, baby brother shot on the bottom. So sweet.

Laura Call said...

I love all of these sweet pictures of him... happy first birthday Ephraim!!

I can relate to how you feel Bronwyn. I'm feeling the same way with Chloe... I'm just clinging to her, always wanting to snuggle just a little bit longer before she goes off to bed and not wanting to put her down. It's such a mix of painfully sweet feelings seeing them grow. You're a good mommy and Ephraim will always feel of that closeness with you!

I'm missing you. Now that it's been awhile since we moved I feel like I haven't seen you forever. I'm glad for the blog at least!

aaron&marianne said...

i love that i have known e his whole life! oh i love to see him and talk to him and squeeze his little wrists! such a happy baby!