Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My mom has a whole bunch of cool old patterns. This is one of the many that I have stolen from her. I think it is from 1952. The pattern peices were so old they were just falling apart in my hands. I had to trace them onto something sturdier.

The dress went together pretty quickly. Since we are on a budget I used some pink gingham that I already had on hand. Luckily Aislyn adores everything pink. I usually like to make my own bias but this dress needed something like eight yards so I decided to just use the premade stuff.
Here she is enjoying the superb spinability of this full cirlce skirt. She has been a very dizzy girl lately.
It turned out to be an excellent bribing tool. I actually got her to willingly brush her hair two days in a row!


Helena said...

That is a lot of bias. What a cool dress! I love it!

jamey r said...

i want one.

hey, i have a book (idea) i want you to check out. maybe we can set aside a few minutes for chat soon? let marley and bella visit or something?
i'll slice up some cheese...

aaron&marianne said...

umm- i am just banging my head against the desk because i don't know how to sew- and of course i have 2 girls i want to sew things for- this is such a great post- way to go-

april said...

What a great find and such a cute dress. Thisbe would love one of those.