Friday, October 17, 2008


On Tuesday we all took the four hour ferry ride all the way to the end of Lake Chelan. A little town unreachable by any roads lies nestled in the trees. It was so very beautiful and made me want to be more appreciative of the beauty all around me.

Ephraim loved being on the top deck and looking over the edge at the water. I swear he learned to do a chin up trying to get a better view. He would have jumped right in if I had let him. I know it might be a smidge gross letting my little guy suck on a railing. But it was just so cute and I just tell myself he is merely developing a strong immune system.
Marley Mae....I caught her staring gloomily into the distance. Oh my sweet preteen girl. She is growing up. She is wonderful.
The end of the lake! I LOVED Lake Chelan. Normally I am terrified of deep water. My heart pounds and I sweat whenever I have to cross the Narrows Bridge. But this lake is clear and beautiful. I fell in love with it all. Oh the heavenly apple orchards with their cheerful red fruit hanging bountifully. I really want fruit trees. You don't even know how I longed to become an orchardist. OK so I'm a little weird. But really I kindof want to move to the country and have fruit trees, a garden, chickens, and bees.
Aislyn my girl loves to fall asleep in the most unlikely of places. I wonder what she thinks to herself."This hard table top looks oh so comfortable, I think I'll lie down and rest awhile."
At any given time Townsend could be found playing a game of UNO or Phase Ten. I only like to play games when I win. I hate loosing but I'm a pretty loud winner. Probably not attractive qualities. It might be why I don't get asked to play games very often.
Vacation was wonderful.
More to tell.


Dean and Ida said...

i am jealous for a vacation tooo and a place in the country with chickens, bees and goats

Helena said...

Great picture of Marley!

Hey, the Farrs (in Gig Harbor) have chickens, bees, and goats.