Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lake Chelan-Day 1

Last Thursday we got all packed up in the Pilot and drove to Goldbar to pick up grandma, grandpa, and gg(great grandma). It was finally time for our long awaited Lake Chelan vacation!

Day one we got unpacked and spent time dogpiling grandpa. We caught Ephraim gazing longingly out the window at the lake.
Jairus spent his time wrestling GG. He made sure she needed a nap every day.
And then it was on to the lake. Never mind that it is October, Marley got right into her suit and ventured momentarily into the lake. Grandma had promised she would go in no matter how cold it was. I, however am not so daring. No freezing lake swimming for me.
Aislyn's favorite part is the TV since at home ours isn't hooked up. She's a movieaholic.

Vacation is the best! We should do this more often.


Pure Mommy Extract said...

So glad you got a vacation and that you all enjoyed it. It's always good to be back home too =)

Anonymous said...

wonderful wonderful pictures- I've never been, I've heard its a great place tho. So did Grandma go in??

Helena said...


Dean and Ida said...

i hope you all had fun!