Friday, October 17, 2008

Popsicles and Cupcakes

Jairus James turned a whopping three years old while we were gone. As requested he got popsicles and cupcakes and a big number three candle to go on top.What would we do without Jairus? He is my snuggly, lovey little guy. So very tender and easily heartbroken. There's nothing better than his little voice saying,"I wuv you mom". Just recently he become an amazing prayer. He would literally pray for ten minutes if you let him. He'll go through an entire days' worth of events, thanking heavenly Father for everything imaginable and then proceed to ask for a few necessities like keeping the monkeys away so they won't bite him while he's sleeping. I don't know where it came from but he has an crippling fear of monkeys. Slightly unusual, kindof amusing, and very serious stuff for a three year old.

Jairus is my wonderful big boy. I am so grateful for each one of my children and all their unique traits. They make life interesting, entertaining, and never, ever dull.


Helena said...

Happy birthday Jairus!

I've always thought monkeys were kind of creepy.

Anonymous said...

that photo of the cupcake- AWESOME. I'd love to be present for one of those prayers :)
Im loving these songs, Im a nerd for good music and I think Im in love with your taste in said music.
Happy Bday Jairus!