Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Ephraim!

Our little guy is now a big two years old. A little something about Ephraim. He likes to eat. He holds the family record for eating pancakes. Seven! He prefers to communicate by answering all questions with a nod or shake of his head. He's very tough and has no trouble holding his own with all these big kids around him. He loves to hug his brother Jairus and play horsey with his sister Marley. He is an escape artist and has given his mother a near heart attack a few times now. Most of all he is the most lovable two year old I know.

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Laura Call said...

Ahh, sweet pictures! Happy Birthday to your cute boy!!!

aaron&marianne said...

holy cow- that means we have been here more than 2 years! and that cute little baby is more of a toddler who goes to nursery! we love ephraim isaac- happy bday!

Kjrsten said...

oh boy, little boys seem like a lot of work... but I'd still like to try it sometime! Looks like it's worth every heart attack!

Melissa Calder said...

~Love that boy!!!
Thanks for coming over last night.
It was super fun :)