Friday, October 30, 2009

I finally broke down

Yes, I finally broke down and turned on the furnace yesterday. Most people think I'm crazy to have waited so long. I probably am. But really, who wants to pay that extra bill through the winter months? Anyway, in preparation for a nice toasty warm house I replaced the furnace filters and decided to vacuum out the vents downstairs. Who knew I would be in for such a surprise.
Let me list the treasures I found in just one vent:
-A rock measuring about 4 inches in diameter.
-5-6 smaller rocks.
-2 jolly ranchers.
-A plastic muscle man action figure.
-3 pens.
-2 pencils.
-A rubber band.
-And a very stale dinner roll.

Apparently this has been someone's special summer time hiding spot although no one has any idea who would do such a thing:)

1 comment:

Helena said...

Ha! Fabulous.

(We've had our heater on just a bit.)